ReManS - records management
for archives, museums, libraries


ReManS is an application in the cloud for records, processing and management of physical material in archives, libraries, museums, etc. Processes are fully digitized and automated in order to speed up operational processing and monitor the state of resources in real time, and reduce errors.

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  1. Managing of documentation (archives, legal cases, materials - museums, etc.)
    • Optimization of resource costs (space, shelves/cabinets, etc.)
    • Process optimization and automation
  1. Supervision
    • All processes, resources and information about construction in one place
  1. Control
    • Analytics and timely reporting
  1. Security
    • Personal accounts with data type access control


  • Objects (items) can have infinite "meta" data and references to any other objects
  • Simple search, grouping of results and multi-level filtering
  • Keep record of Item locations and change of Item location (receipt, delivery note)
  • Records of requests for delivery of objects (opening of a work order) according to the Archive dpt.
  • Records of processed and pending orders
  • Migration of large quantities of objects, mass processing (excretion, return, etc.)
  • Automatic prioritization of orders according to various criteria (optimization for larger organizations)


  • List of objects with meta data according to user's needs and wishes
  • Automated processing (requests, returns)
  • Rules for periodic or planned disposal or destruction
  • Analysis of space availability
  • HR management
  • Analysis of extracted material and planned returns


  • Overview of previous requests (in process and completed)
  • Indebtedness by individual subject or object
  • Automatic records (LOG) of the persons who did the processing and which data was changed
  • Reporting on completed work orders of individual agents (KPI - quantity, speed, etc.)
  • Records of all activities and location changes by material
  • The possibility of creating your own data reports (graphs, pivot)
  • Ability to export data to Excel


  • Central user directory
  • User account and profile for access with password
  • The user sets the password himself and can change it
  • Groups of users with rights to access and change certain groups of data
  • Detailed records of activities per individual user


  • Option A: in the Internet cloud (no investment in infrastructure)
  • Option B: "on-premise" (equipment at the user's location)
  • Platforma: Odoo + MySQL
  • Agents use existing office equipment - any device with a WEB browser
  • Optional: Handheld WinCE WiFi device (screen with ReManS application + barcode reader)
  • Barcodes in any standard (RFID is also possible)


The system is available in the computer cloud (SaaS), so no implementation is required, so the end user does not have to make additional investments and worry about server infrastructure, operating systems, database backups, licenses, etc. The client can access the system from any computer or tablet (Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.) and any location with an Internet connection.

Informativni paketi


For small organizations
  • 3 user accounts
  • 2.500 records
  • cloud server
  • 2 GB storage capacity
  • 1 h per month of technical support
  • application for barcode reader


For medium organizations
  • 5 user accounts
  • 7.500 records
  • cloud server
  • 5 GB storage capacity
  • 2 h per month of technical support
  • application for 1 barcode reader


For large organizations
  • 10 user accounts
  • unlimited records
  • cloud server
  • 20 GB storage capacity
  • 3 h per month of technical support
  • application for 3 barcode readers

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