eTajnik + ePolaznik =
ERP for educational institutions


eTajnik and ePolaznik are an integrated solution for the complete administration of school logistics, educational programs and management of all resources in one central place. Digital business without paper, Excel spreadsheets and without various non-integrated systems - for rapid digitalization of the business of an educational institution. From the application/registration form to the contract and certificate/diploma, with all the accompanying sub-processes in the life cycle of educational programs.

Feel free to contact us za prezentaciju, pripremu demo/testnog okruženja, razgovor oko realnih potreba i implementaciju za Vašu obrazovnu ustanovu.

Records of incoming

  • Upisnice/Prijavnice
  • Application forms for a trial lesson
  • Application forms for exams

Automatic creation of outgoing
documentation (PDF)

  • Contracts for education fees
  • Mogućnost plaćanja u više rata
  • Payment slips with barcodes
  • Invoices
  • Solutions
  • Diplome, Uvjerenja
  • Certificates
  • Registration forms
  • Absence confirmations
  • Receipts for equipment
  • Contracts for rentals
  • Kompletna podrška i za Andragošku dokumentaciju
  • Urudžbiranje dokumentacije

Organization and
resources management

  • Teachers and school stuff
  • Heads/Departments
  • Teachers contracts and rates
  • Ugovaratelji – Polaznici, Skrbnici, Tvrtke
  • Formation of student groups
  • Calendars and timetables, resources reservation, student class/groups etc.
  • Class attendance, notes, grades
  • Locations and classrooms
  • Equipment database
  • School years, hollidays, enrollment deadlines
  •  Calendars


  •  Programs


  •  Stuff


  •  Phases & statuses

    Phases & statuses

Device Slider


  • Flexible design of the program scheme, grouping into infinite levels
  • Obavezni i izborni predmeti, smjerovi, ishodi, lekcije
  • Mass duplication, changes, deletion with custom defined rules
  • Group and individual classes
  • Price calculation per subject or program
  • Define discounts and rules of applicability


  • Sample/test class 
  • Enrolment management in phazes and bundles
  • Exams management
  • Life cycle of a contract
  • Schedule and calendar different views
  • User groups and various permissions for access
  • User data logging

Report, export
and import

  • Advanced search options
  • Advanced filters and groping of data
  • Custom & favourites of most used filters & grouping
  • User customized financiral reports (Excel) and automatically in e-mail
  • Advanced user analytics reporting (Pivot - directly from system)
  • Export all types of data in Excel


  • Debt monitoring per participant / guardian
  • Mogućnost automatskog importa bankovnih izvoda
  • Sending notifications via the mobile application for the participant or by e-mail about debts

Mobile app ePolaznik for
for teachers and atendees

  • App on Google and Apple store for mobile devices
  • Shows upcoming lectures (schedule)
  • Shows notifications and bulletin board
  • Various informations, school contacts and professors in one place
  • Inquiries to the Students office
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Surveys
  • Activation and deactivation of the student's access account from the central system
  • Reports for state of payments and debts
  •  Login


  •  Menu


  •  Notifications


  •  Schedule


  •  Request forms

    Request forms

  •  Widget


Device Slider


The system was developed as a cloud service (SaaS), so for implementation the school does not have to make additional investments and worry about server infrastructure, operating systems, database backups, licenses, etc. Profesors and students can access the system from any device (Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.) and any location with an Internet connection.

Informativni paketi


For small organizations
  • 1 user / operator
  • 5 teachers
  • up to 200 atendees yearly
  • w/o mobile app
  • w/o debt reports
  • no support


For middle organzations
  • 3 users / operators
  • 10 teachers
  • up to 400 atendees yearly
  • mobile app for atendees and teachers
  • basic debt reports
  • 1 h per month of technical support


For larger organizations
  • 15 users / operators
  • unlimited teachers
  • unlimited atendees
  • mobile app for atendees and teachers
  • automatic debt reporting
  • 3 h per month of technical support

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