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eCompetition is a cloud-based application for scoring and automated processing of competitors and jury evaluations at various types of competitions (music, dance, ballet, debates, drama performances, presentations, composition competitions, etc.). The process is fully digitized and automated so that judges can cast their votes even from a remote location, and the processing and publication of the results is instantaneous.

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  • Intuitive user interface adapted to work on a laptop or tablet
  • Unlimited contestants and jury members
  • Unlimited number of competitions or festivals, disciplines, categories, rounds and performances
  • Personal user accounts with passwords, pictures and information about contestants and jury members
  • Managing of performances and programs
  • Unlocking, locking and pausing voting
  • Four methods calculating scores, with the possibility of adding new ones
  • Live monitoring of individual judges and their votes (from moderator dashboard)
  • The possibility of voting by the moderator (when the judge is offline)
  • "Chat" console for judges and moderators
  • Automatic selection of winners for the second round and finalists
  • Additional voting in unsolved cases (repeating)
  • Automatic display of results on the website after completion of each round
  • Ability to export data to Excel


The system is working in the computer cloud (SaaS), so no implementation is required, that is, the user does not have to make additional investments and care about server infrastructure, operating systems, database backups, licenses, etc. The user can access the system from any computer or tablet (Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.) and any location with an Internet connection.

informative prices


For small competitions
  • 1 competition / festival
  • 1 discipline
  • 1 category
  • 2 rounds (per category)
  • 3 judges
  • 15 contestants
  • 1 year license
Promo 50%


For middle competitions
  • 1 competition / festival
  • 2 disciplines
  • 2 categories
  • 3 rounds (per category)
  • 5 judges
  • 30 contestants
  • 1 year license


For large competitions
  • 1 competition / festival
  • 3 disciplines
  • 4 categories
  • 5 rounds (per category)
  • 9 judges
  • 50 contestants
  • 1 year license

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